Anastasia was born in 1991, her mother is the architect and her father is engineer. She began to play the violin at the age of 4. At the age of 7 she began to play the piano, and at the age of 8 she composed her first music pieces for violin, piano and synthesizer. 

  She studied at the Central Music School (School and College, 1998-2009), and her teachers were famous professors, pupils of David Oistrakh -  Victor Pikaizen and Edward Grach. 

After CMS Anastasia studied at Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory  (2009-2014) as a violinist and composer, and then Postgraduate studying of the Conservatory (2014-2017). She graduated from CM School  (College) and the Conservatory with honors.

  In 2017 she began to work as Solo performer in the Philharmonic (Soloist) and one of founders of the non-profit fund «Palette of the Universe». 

  She has Certificates of Achievement in “Creativity&Enterpreneurship” and “Guitar” (BerkleeX courses, 2017-2018). 

  Her  teachers at master-classes she took were professors: Ilya Kaler, Ryo Terakado, Oleh Krysa, Ryo Terakado, Gregory Fine, Rhoda Scott, Sofia Gubaidulina and many other great musicians. 

  Anastasia won numerous awards at international competitions as a violinist (since 2000) and composer (since 2013) . She is the author and main organizer of her educational projects  –  “First  Publication”,  “Russian and Japanese Music” (in frames of Cross-culture year), Cross MAster Classes, and Edward Elgar Chamber Music Festival.

In 2012 she was awarded by the Certificate of Merit of Elgar Society (UK).

 The first digital album “From Prelude to Code” was released in 2014 on MySpace and included electronic music and music for acoustic and electric violin.   

  Her work “Mirage” for String Quartet was represented at KLK New Music Festival (2013) and then was recorded by Friction Quartet in frames of “String Quartet Smackdown” (USA, 2016). 

In 2016-2020 Anastasia composed and published 5 albums and 10 singles in different genres, not counting active work as violinist and composer (music from baroque to  avant-garde). 

The album “Peace or War” was on 21st  line of Alternative Music Chart, and the instrumental single “Violin Monster” was on 35th line in USA Instrumental Music Chart.  

In 2017 two of her releases hit the first place in REDMP3 chart (Vocal and Alternative).  

Anastasia  also participates in charity projects, and she is an active Member of  the Public Chamber (Moscow region) since 2015. 

  Her instrumental suite “Affection Saga”  was performed at well-known contemporary music festival “Musica Aperta” (Switzerland, 2018).  

Founded in 1997, the American magazine “New Music Weekly” published a press release of Anatasia's album “SolOpera” (2018). 

Also, her music has been reviewed in magazines such as “Rockcor”, “Clouzine Magazine”, “Mainly Piano” and others.

 During 2018-2021 Anastasia was a Jury member at several international competitions for young musicians.

September 2018: Anastasia became Finalist of  Baku Jazz Festival (as vocalist, Azerbaijan)  and “Future Blend Project” (as composer, United Kingdom), also she received Certificate of Attendance of International Conducting Masterclasses with professor V.Ponkin (International Music Production Agency).  

In 2021, Anastasia received the Certificate of completion of the specialization “Music Production” from Berklee College of Music (Coursera).

   Anastasia was chosen to participate in the project “New Opera World” with the performance of the part in D.Puccini’s opera “Sister Angelica”.

An Vedi is also awarded by:

The Elgar Medal (United Kingdom, 2019)

The Akademia Music Awards (February, 2020)

ISSA Awards Best Female Single of the Year (International, 2020)

The Akademia Music Awards Rising Star of the Year (winner, 2021)

Nominee for ISSA Awards Best Female Songwriter and Female Single of the Year (International, 2021)

Nominated as "Musician of the Year" 2021 of Josie Music Awards

She took part in prestigious international projects as a vocalist - ISSA Theme Song 2020, Salero Global Recording Project and Global Christmas Carol Project.

She has the certificate of achievement of the course "Teaching the Violin and Viola: Creating a Healthy Foundation" by the Northwestern University (USA).

  An Vedi is the first ever member from Russia of The Indie Collaborative (the USA). She also has memberships in BMI, ISSA, ISJAC, Boston New Music Initiative, International Association for Music and Medicine, Member of the LIT Awards Panel of Judges (2021). Anastasia is active in concert as a violinist, she releases albums and songs as a singer-songwriter and composes music for various instruments, ensembles and orchestras.