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Bongo Boy's Kitz and Katz, Vol. 1
featuring song by An Vedi "My Piccolo Violin"


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«My Piccolo Violin» by An Vedi


Song Notes


This song is dedicated to the childhood of the outstanding composer, pop and rock star of his time, Johann Sebastian Bach. Bach played several instruments (including violin, harpsichord, organ) and sang in the choir. In early childhood, he lost both mother and father. But music has always led him through his life.

The violin was one of Bach's favorite instruments. He composed many wonderful works for this instrument, such as Sonatas and Partitas, Concertos, the famous Chaconne. 

The piccolo violin is a type of violin and it had very small size compared to a regular violin. For the first time Bach composed a part for this instrument in the score of his «Brandenburg Concerto» No 1, so in the song «My Piccolo Violin» you will hear a quote (just one bar) from this work. 

Bach began studying violin at his early age under the guidance of his father, and in this song' story, the little (piccolo) violin symbolizes Bach's childhood. However, contrary to the image of the stern composer, as we "see" him in each of his works, he was very playful in his childhood and later in his youth. And the line of the song: “And sometimes I'm capricious” tells us about it.

In general, the surname “Bach“ is translated from German as “stream“, so the text of the song in the chorus is as follows: “My name is a stream, my name is Bach.” Then: “I know how to dream when a life is dark” - that he lost his parents in his early childhood, but his dreams and desire for music conquered all adversity. Bach addresses it to every child: “You know how to dream cause you are a child,” because all children are dreamers and inventors.

The song «My Piccolo Violin» begins with a "birds chirping". And the song has a laconic violin accompaniment. This is an allusion to the image of little Bach (“I am little Johann“), who sings a song and accompanies himself on the violin. Indeed, in his time, such chamber form of music-making was very popular, along with cantatas and instrument concerts. And, of course, “Most of all I like to play my piccolo violin,” he sings.

Many scientific studies confirm that classical music has a beneficial effect on the baby both in the womb and after birth.

A song for children about the childhood of Johann Sebastian Bach is a great way to acquaint little music lovers with the personality of the great composer. After all, Bach influenced not only composers of his time, but also popular composers and songwriters of the 20th century. There is a huge amount of rock, jazz and pop arrangements of Bach's works. Many musicians of such styles as jazz, soul, hip-hop, metal talk about the influence of Bach's music on their own creativity. Canadian singer and songwriter Sebastian Philip Birk even took the artistic name "Sebastian Bach" for himself.

If children begin to become familiar with the music of Bach, they can better understand the music of the 20th and 21st centuries. Perhaps, inspired by the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, some of them will contribute to popular or academic music.