For Your Consideration

Best Contemporary Instrumental Album

"AMAXAMA Instrumental"
by Antonio Vergara and An Vedi


An Vedi performs live "Following Trails" from the album

Listen to the whole album here

The album "Amaxama Instrumental" is a contemporary music album that contains 11 instrumental songs. It is an excellent collaboration of Antonio Vergara with An Vedi. Where global artists from different countries also played, such as: India with the son of the belabaharr Naviin Gandharv, Argentina with the invaluable participation of Jorge Durietz, member of the emblematic duo Pedro y Pablo, Cuba with the Afro jazz folk touch of the Arango brothers considered the new worldwide jazz trend from the hand of its musical leader the legendary Feliciano Arango, king of timba. And from Mexico with his classical piano the maestro Álex Naranjo graduated from the National School of Art in Cuba in two specialties: classical music and Jazz. Russia joined in with the violinist An Vedi who made a sublime contribution to this instrumental version where she interprets these works with the excellence and quality they deserve, making the record work a totally unpublished and above all genuine creation. So An Vedi's main violin line added interesting new nuances to the album, where in some tracks the violin sounds in a jazz style and sometimes the sound resembles avant-garde music. As an instrumentalist, An Vedi brings some interesting playing techniques. In the songs "Absence Knives" and "In The Attic", she makes an unusual violin melody (the G string is lowered), and the violin sounds like a viola or cello, or like a male voice. This reinterpretation of the melody of each song makes "Amaxama Instrumental" a unique work that attracts listeners as much as "Amaxama". 

Antonio Vergara is a multi-award-winning international artist, sound engineer, and award-winning music producer in Latin America, the United States, Europe, and Australia. With over 25 years of experience he is well known in Latin America and the Caribbean as a premier blues guitarist and lap steel guitarist. Vergara is also a singer and songwriter. As stated in the review by Thom Jurek specialized American journalist and review writer for Rolling Stone, Creem, The Canadian journal of political and social theorie, rock and rap confidential: “Antonio Vergara's music is well known for its tone. biting, emotionally urgent and using Chicago and Texas blues traditions. In addition, his clean and non-intrusive production has appeared on more than 50 albums. " His songs have been part of different charts reaching the first places on radios in Latin America, Canada, Australia, England and the United States. His compositions are part of film productions for Bollywood and Amazon Prime.

An Vedi is an internationally award-winning violinist, composer. She graduated from the Central School of Music (College) at the Conservatory, the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in two specialties, and the graduate school in contemporary music, all with honors. He has played the violin since he was 4 years old and won his first contest at 6. His first international tour took place in 2001. Since 2010, his music has been played in Europe, the United States and the United Kingdom, his repertoire has reached 700 works for violin from the Baroque to the 21st century. As a songwriter she has released 7 albums and 10 singles. Since 2017, An Vedi has been a soloist for the the Philharmonic and performs dozens of recitals and performances every season. As a violinist and vocalist, An Vedi collaborates extensively with songwriters and performers around the world: she performs live concerts and records albums and singles.