"VOICEOLIN" (2021) by An Vedi

A War Zone - the End of a War
(from the album "Voiceolin", 2021)

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An Vedi performs the song "The Long Way to the Heart", and two songs from the album "Voiceolin"
at the Akademia Music Awards Gala Event
(Rising Star of the Year 2021)

About the album "Voiceolin"

«Voiceolin» is a journey of two souls in the world through the time. 

The words “voice“ and “violin“ are combined in the title of this album. «Voiceolin» contains 10 works for a duo of voice and violin and for solo violin. «Voiceolin» is like a small theatrical performance, the plot of which is based on the main story line of two people, and also war stories, as well as philosophical thoughts about the meaning of human existence.

The idea's concept of ​ «Voiceolin» came up two years ago under the impression of the cycle «Along the Field» by Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958). In this sense, «Voiceolin» is a tribute to the memory of an outstanding English composer, but also a “look into the future“ of music based on current contemporary trends.


The first 4 tracks are conventionally combined into a "Sonata" for solo violin called “A War Zone”.

In the first movement, the main character (a woman) of this “play” walks along a field where a fierce battle has recently taken place. She has terrible feelings at the sight of lifeless bodies.

The second part is called “Valse on Bones”. Here the heroine falls into hysteria and dances among the dead warriors.

The third part is “Lamento”. After the “Valse”, the heroine falls exhausted and moans about the untimely death of warriors.

The finale of “Sonata” is an epic picture of the end of a war. Here the motive of the refrain (which has a clear rhythmic structure) and episodes (fragments from the previous movements, more ad libitum) “fight” among themselves. The image of the heroine is presented only in the coda when the “battle” has already ended. Here, for the first time, her voice sounds (against the background of the violin's pizzicato), still without words.

“Voiceolin” (track 5) is the first duet of voice and violin, a duet of a human and the Universe. The heroine’s inner feelings and emotions, which were previously expressed only through the sounds of a violin, transforms into the sound of her own voice. The one becomes two.

The next song is “The Voice of the Universe”. The image of the heroine finally becomes tangible, she gets the opportunity to express her thoughts through words.

“A Little Farm Girl” is the story of the first meeting of the heroine and her future lover.

“Keep Breathing” - this is the heroine's memory that her lover suffered a fatal illness.

Next song is “You Grabbed My Heart”. This is the monologue of the heroine, which she sings near her beloved, who is unconscious. She remembers all good and bad things and moments that they went through together.

“Real Resurrection”. At the beginning, a theme from “Valse” appears, then a short meditation monologue sounds. The pizzicato of the violin (from movement 4) will join the voice. The heroine prays to the Universe to bring her back to her childhood because of she could not stand against her mental anguish. Then her voice turns to a whisper, which sounds against the background of music fragments from the first movement. She hears the approach of God, who enters into a dialogue with her. Their short conversation is about how to give her lover the opportunity to live his life with her so that God does not take him to heaven right now. And He agrees. The heroine and her lover thank the Almighty together.

 About "A War Zone - the End of a War"

"The End of a War" is an epic picture of the end of the battle on a new world's eve. Inspired by the music of Bach, Ysaye, Bartok and Prokofiev, An Vedi composed music for violin solo that is filled with images of the past. But the use of avant-garde harmonies and modern techniques of playing the instrument shows us that this is the music of the present and the future. Concentrated musical phrases grab the audience's attention and make the listeners immerse themselves in what is happening like at the cinema. The work ends very unusually and symbolically - the performer begins to sing without words against the background of pizzicato chords.
The work is dedicated to the memory of the soldiers who died in all wars.


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